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A collection of men’s scarves made with the most cutting edge designs all while using traditional Lyon Jacquard models.


Sturdy weaving that is resistant to creating friction with your beard.

Our stoles are soft and comfortable enough to be worn in either mid-season or at the height of winter. A very beautiful mix of natural materials like Merino wool, silk, cotton, and linen for a luxurious, high quality result.

Men’s fashion accessories are evolving. The era of the tie is coming to an end, and more and more, men prefer instead cheiches and scarves. Designed just for men, take a look at our website, La Fabrique d’Écharpe, and see the large choice of scarves we have created.

Men’s silk scarf. Woven in classic, timeless styles with 100% silk. They pair well with suits to create a refined, modern style.

Men’s wool scarf: Often combined with silk or cotton, our line of men’s wool scarves offers a large variety of color palette options and creative designs. Always seeking to be modern and in vogue, we take a particular care with our scarves to ensure they are easy to wear. Whether wrapped around your neck or draped over your shoulders, our small stoles are conceived with the idea to avoid irritating your beard  while still protecting you from the cold. A scarf is a perfect complement to any style, from classic outfits to modern looks.

Organic cotton stole | Men’s cheich scarf: With cotton as the primary material, our men’s light-weight scarves are ideal for wearing in between seasons. Whether tied around the neck, rolled up around the shoulders, or folded up into the classic French “wallet” style, this accessory lends a touch of wonder and vivacity to an otherwise strict business look. At the same time, they’re perfect for completing a more relaxed outfit. Always modern and elegant, the cotton stoles and cheiches we make are designed to adhere to truly masculine fashion.

All of our men’s scarves are designed and woven in our own workshop in Lyon, using our savoir-faire and skills transmitted from generation to generation. We put a great amount of care into each step of making our scarves, as they represent our family pride and the work of our ancestors.

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