CHEICH 54 Item(s)

Very trendy fashion accessory, our chèches are made of natural materials and manufactured in France!

Mostly made of Oeko-Tex cotton, the nicks are also available in silk or linen. Very soft, very thin and very big, the nicks is an essential basic accessory for women and men. 
A new line in GOST certified BIO cotton is created to respect our ecological fiber.

Initially used by the men of the dessert to protect their heads from the aggression of the hot sun, today it has become a fashion item in its own right. Mainly made of COTTON, a nick is a large fluid and light stole that we weave with colored threads. Always pleasant and comfortable to wear, men's and women's nicks are made with the greatest care for daily use.


They adapt to all styles and complete all your summer outfits. The lightness of the article allows it to be worn even during hot weather. To protect yourself from the drafts coming from an air conditioner or from the coolness of summer evenings, order a snick stole, it will accompany you in all occasions.


The weaving of all the chèches is entirely realized in our own workshop in LYON thanks to our Jacquard looms and to a know-how inherited since several generations.

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