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Fun, chic, and colorful, discover our collection of bags, all woven and embroidered at our workshop in Lyon! Intended to be practical and environmentally-friendly, we make bags woven with the greatest care out of natural or recycled materials. Suitable for everyday use, they can easily serve as beach bags, tote bags, handbags, travel bags, weekend bags, or gym bags.

Inspired by the ancient Japanese tradition of furoshiki, colorful pieces of cloth used to wrap gifts, our line of shiki bags are woven in our workshop. They consist of a large square of cloth that you can easily use as either a tote bag or a scarf. Experiment with different ways of tying it, in perfect tradition with the Japanese furoshiki.

All of our bags are made in France in our own workshop, whether it’s an embroidered handbag, a totebag, a shiki bag, or a travel bag. We weave all of our bags in our weaving atelier near Lyon from natural and/or recycled materials to give you a unique, durable accessory that is respectful of the environment. All of our embroidery designs are our own original creations and are realized with great care with cotton thread on our woven bags.

Our embroidered tote bag is the very definition of the classic woven bag. It offers abundant space inside, allowing to you carry around everything you might need and can be used as a travel bag, weekend bag, gym bag, beach bag, picnic bag, and so much more. The length of the straps can be adjusted so you can either carry it in your hands, or even more fashionably, on your elbow, or throw it over your shoulder to leave your hands free. A must-have accessory!

The embroidered handbag is a small woven bag to carry around your daily essentials. It is of a medium size and meant for daily use, and is very practical with its pockets and adjustable strap. This woven bag with its colorful embroidery will add enchantment to your whole day!

Made with very durable Jacquard weaving, our woven bags are meant to accompany you throughout your daily affairs, on outings, when you go shopping, at parties, at the beach, on vacation, as a diaper bag, or even to work. Designed with a very generous capacity, you can easily put in a tablet, several pieces of clothing, and then even a few groceries.

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