Jacquard woven Bags 8 Item(s)

Woven in our atelier with natural materials, our tote bags are practical and environmentally-friendly.

Choose from a range of styles of design: flowers, vichy...

Choose your favorite colors:  red, blue, green, denim, yellow, black, or beige.

Multipurpose woven bags for almost any occasion and use: grocery bagsweekend bagstote bagshandbagsgym bagsbeach bags, and more.

Woven bags are very popular for their practicality and style.

All of our jacquard woven bags are our own original creations entirely made in France by French Scarf.


high quality French product: The fabric used for the bags is sturdy and comes in linen or/and cotton. It is made in our workshop on our own Jacquard looms in the purest Lyon tradition. We use only natural materials, with the bulk of it being cotton. The entire process of making a bag is very careful and meant to make it as strong as possible, the entirety of the bag is reinforced with a 100% cotton beige double fabric. Our woven work adds a refined chic touch, and are inspired by floral and ornamental designs, all dyed and created by French Scarf.


All our woven bags are designed with care to maximize functionality: a zip closure for more security, separate telephone and key pockets, and a spacious interior made to hold all you might need for your day or weekend.

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