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How Are our scarves made ?

Step 1 Design et color palette

We take our inspiration from various French style books which we have for each season. Based on this, we come up with different designs, motifs, and color palettes for a variety of styles that you will be able to match with the latest clothes  coming out in stores the same season. Good accessorizing is key in completing any look.

Step 2 Weaving or Printing

Woven on the latest generation Jacquard looms, or printed on high-precision digital machines, all of our scarves follow the highest technical production standards, all while respecting the environment, guaranteeing you a finished product of exceptional quality.

Step 3 Finishing

Topstitching, zoom finishing, hems, fringes…all of these final steps are done with the greatest care in our workshop. These final steps are important to ensure a long lifespan for our fashion accessories. The process is unique for each set of materials used to make the scarf.

Step 4 Quality Control

Each and every one of our scarves is manually inspected and then carefully folded in a specific way to protect it before being shipped out. We have high standards for each and every piece that comes out of our atelier, as we take pride in each scarf we make and want to make sure they are always of the highest quality. Your satisfaction is our priority.

A family business For french manufacturing

Truly French-made

Since at least the French Revolution in 1789, our family has been in the weaving business and passed down its skills from generation to generation. Our artisanal craft was passed on from father to daughter, and now from mother to daughter. It is important to us to maintain a family atmosphere at our company, to give it a more personal touch and so that each piece is a work of love and personal pride for us.

Stéphane The Specialist

Stéphane was born on September 3, 1968 into an old Lyon silk-making family. After completing his studies in business, he joined his family’s silk business in 1988 to become the third generation to learn all the ins and outs of artisan silk making. Having mastered his family’s traditional craft as well as all the modern techniques in silk-making, he creates more delicate pieces to enrich our collections.

christine The Innovator

Christine was born on December 10, 1962. Once she graduated from the University of Lyon, she joined the family weaving business and was an apprentice to her father in learning traditional weaving methods as well as managing the business. Always creative and imaginative by nature, she perpetuates the Lyon tradition of weaving and specializes in luxury Jacquard scarves. After having worked for several haute couture French fashion houses, Christine and her husband Louis-Michel created the Fabrique d’Écharpe brand to offer their own collection of high-end scarves for both men and women, 100% made in France in a family workshop.

Marie-Ange The designer

Marie-Ange was born on September 12, 1985. After completing her studies in art, she got involved in the design aspect of the family business. Being exposed to and well-versed in the Jacquard tradition from her childhood, she joins together her artistic visions and innovation with her traditional family savoir-faire to produce scarves that are both original and within the tradition.

THE INHERITANCE of family savoir-faire

Being the inheritors of the savoir-faire of our parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents, we possess a large collection of family archives that provide us with patterns, designs, and methods for Jacquard weaving that goes back over a century, and on which we rely to create our original designs today. Always trying to be ahead of our time, our weaving atelier has always evolved to try out new techniques and innovations in textile making. Christine’s father, Régis, initiated the effort to modernize the family business, and his daughter continues his efforts to this day, giving the workshop as many resources as possible and enabling us to weave and create the impossible.

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