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COTTON is a vegetable fiber that surrounds the seeds of the cotton plant. This fiber is transformed into yarn to be woven and to make our scarves.

COTTON is hypoallergenic (very little allergenic), very healthy in contact with the skin and has a good air permeability which allows the passage of air.

Very pleasant to wear, our COTTON-based scarves offer you a palette of impressive colors: nicks, stoles and scarves are available in very refined designs. A new line in GOST certified BIO cotton has been created to respect our ecological fiber even more.

Cotton is a plant fiber. A supple and pleasant material, a cotton scarf is perfect for daily use.


French Scarf offers a wide range of organic cotton scarves in a large color palette so you can pair a scarf with each of your outfits. Whether blended with wool, silk, or rayon, all of our scarves are soft and comfortable.


Our women’s cotton scarves are very colorful so as to highlight your figure and your outfits. Whether you are looking for something for summer or winter, you will find the best balance of quality and price with us. Our woven designs are creative and highly sought-after, and our color combinations are at the forefront of fashion trends.


Our men’s cotton scarves are more simple and made in more classic looks to add a touch of elegance for men who want to stand out. We took particular care to make sure the scarf will not create friction with your beard as much as possible.


Unisex cotton cheiches and stoles have larger dimensions, generally between 1.8 and 2 meters. A cheich features finer weaving work and is very supple when worn around the neck without weighing you down. Our cotton cheiches and stoles protect you from draughts and can be worn all year long.


Taking care of a cotton scarf is less delicate a process than for silk or wool scarves. To wash your scarf, we advise hand-washing, especially if the cotton is blended with silk or wool. However, it can still be machine washed. As a precaution, the temperature should never exceed 30°C. We do not advise putting it in the dryer, it is better to hang the scarf up to dry in the air, being careful that the scarf is not near a heat source and not in full sunlight. Iron on medium heat and using the iron’s vapor function to restore the natural fibers’ volume.

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