Composition: 50% Merino wool, 25% silk, 25% cotton

Dimensions: 19.69 inches x 76.77 inches (50cm x 195cm)

Color scheme: BLACK and GRAY

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Made in France - Lyon
A beautiful long scarf, extra soft thanks to our special blend of Merino wool, silk, and cotton. It is warm and comfortable to wear during the coldest periods of winter. Its design made up of blurred dotted lines is reversible and lends the scarf a more modern touch. The color scheme of black and gray, with a touch of light beige is ideal for completing a chic look or for livening up a relaxed outfit. This scarf is suitable for both men or women, and is woven with the greatest care at our workshop in Lyon, France.

The design for this scarf came from drawings of camouflage, joined together with geometric borders and stripes meant to look as if they have been oxidized by the elements. This juxtaposition of patterns is brought together by a monochrome black background. The drawings of the design are done in classic gray and light beige, making them almost jump out, making for a piece that is refined while also being modern and simple.


This scarf is suitable for everyday wear, and can be worn with a coat with the fringes tucked in for a more classic look, or with the fringes out for a more relaxed look. You could also wear it with a jacket in any shade of black, gray, green, or brown. You can wrap it multiple times around you neck to keep away the cold and stay warm and comfortable. This everyday accessory is a must for your wardrobe. Also makes a great easy gift for either men or women!


To wash a primarily wool scarf, we advise washing by hand. Do not let it soak for too long. To dry, put the scarf in a cotton towel to soak up the excess water, but do not wring it out or twist it. Then lay the scarf flat to dry. You can restore the scarf’s softness and delicate touch by ironing on high heat with the vapor function. While putting it in the dryer is absolutely out of the question, you can take it in for dry cleaning instead.


The weaving method used to make this scarf involves the interweaving of silk warp thread with Merino wool and cotton weft threads, utilizing a specially curated pattern. In order to do this, the Fabrique d’Écharpe weaving atelier uses Jacquard looms. The Jacquard loom was developed by Lyon-native Joseph Marie Jacquard in 1801, who created the first mechanical system that could be programmed with perforated cards to create a design by interweaving different colored threads. Thanks to the artisan weaving knowledge transmitted to us from generation to generation since 1880, today we have electronically controlled looms that allow for the scarf to be produced with impeccable quality all while respecting the purest methods of traditional Lyon Jacquard weaving.

Eco Packaging
We use sustainable packaging products that are composable, recycled and/or reusable
Eco Packaging
We use sustainable packaging products that are composable, recycled and/or reusable

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