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Silk is a luxury, 100% natural material. With its incredible softness and high level of comfort, silk has isothermal qualities which allow for this material to create fabrics that are suitable for all seasons. You can wear a silk scarf to any occasion.

Women’s monochrome silk stoles: Perfect for accessorizing an outfit for a wedding or special occasion, our large choice of colors helps you make the right choice. With their large dimensions, our silk stoles are meant to be either draped over your shoulders or wrapped around your neck. Our silk scarves are always a stylish and elegant way to complement your figure.


Women’s silk scarf pairs: We curate a special pairing of a printed muslin silk scarf with a monochrome muslin silk scarf to make for a delicate, refined offering. Always at the forefront of fashion trends and creative, our scarf pairs can either be worn together or separately according to your wishes or the occasion. Our varied patterns and luminous color palettes add an elegance to your outfit like jewels. The dimensions of the two scarves allows them to be also used as a belt, to tie up your hair, to make a bandana, or to accessorize your handbag.


Taking care of a silk scarf is actually fairly easy: Whether it is printed or monochrome, washing your silk scarf must be done by hand, using a little bit of water to remove any dirt, and then lay it flat to dry without twisting the scarf. For best results, the scarf should be ironed while it is still moist on low heat. While putting our wool scarves in the dryer is out of the question, you may take them to the dry cleaner’s.

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