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Designed and made entirely in Lyon, France, our scarves are a marriage of tradition and creativity.


We use our French savoir-faire to make special blends of silk, Merino wool, cotton, cashmere, and linen to weave scarves and stoles for both men and women. We offer a very full range of options in our line of truly exceptional scarves. Whether it’s for summer or winter, we have a wide range of fabrics and colors for all seasons.

The French Scarf designs and weaves a large collection of scarves for men and women in a variety of materials and always at the forefront of the latest trends.


Scarves and stoles for men and for women. Whether it’s a wool stole, a cotton scarf, a silk stole, a linen cheich, or a cashmere scarf, scarves are a timeless, indispensable fashion accessory that completes your outfit and helps to bring out your figure in its best light.


We offer a large choice of dimensions to meet your needs and to match with different events you might wear a scarf to.


Scarves: A scarf is narrow and not too long, and is meant for daily usage, to be worn around your neck all day long. Whether it’s silk, wool, or cotton, scarves are easy to wear.

Stoles: With larger dimensions than a scarf, a Merino wool or cashmere stole is perfect to wrap around yourself in the winter. On the other hand, our coton or linen stoles are better for wearing in the summer to fight off the draft that comes with air conditioning, or protecting yourself from the sun’s rays.

Square scarves: Always large-sized, the square scarf is a modern version of the shawl adapted for the 21st century. You can wear it tapered over your chest or folded diagonally to get an effect similar to a stole.

Cheich: Made primarily of cotton and silk, we offer very soft, comfortable woven cheiches to wear with summer outfits. Our men’s cheiches are at the forefront of the latest fashion trends, and are easy to wear. Our women’s cheiches highlight your figure when wearing a more relaxed outfit.

Wedding and formal scarves: We offer a wide range of color options for our silk women’s stoles that are perfect for completing elegant, formal outfits. We also offer curated pairs of scarves (one monochrome, one printed) that add more creativity to your look and multiple the possibilities for accessorizing.


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