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A naturally light-weight, soft fiber, wool has thermo and hydro regulatory properties unlike any other fiber. Merino wool in particular has several advantages: it insulates well, does not irritate the skin, and is lightweight and holds its form without wrinkles. All this and it is naturally very durable. Our selection of Mulesing-free Merino wools are guaranteed to be exceptionally soft and produced while respecting the animal’s well-being. We often mix it with silk, cotton, cashmere, or rayon to create a soft, comfortable Jacquard woven fabric.

The MERINO WOOL we use to weave our scarves comes from the dense, curly fleece of a specific breed of sheep primarily raised in Australia. The wool they produce is rich and comfortable while being elastic and yet strong. Being three times finer than regular wool, it is not scratchy and is known for its exceptional insulating properties that will protect you from the cold of winter.


French Scarf offers a wide range of wool scarves for both men and women. Whether blended with silk, cotton, or rayon, our scarves are woven with the greatest care to create maximum comfort and product longevity. We make our scarves with our own designs in varied color palettes, in a variety of dimensions, all to adapt to your needs.


Our men’s and women’s wool scarves are made in classic dimensions and are intended for regular, daily use. You can even wear them in mid-season.


Our women’s wool stoles are longer and wider than a scarf. More enveloping, our wool stoles are well-suited to those more sensitive to the cold to ward off the winter chill. Whether wrapped around your necked or draped over your shoulders, our wool stoles are ideal for highlighting a beautiful color palette or for adding a chic, elegant touch to a relaxed look.


Our wool shawls and oversized wool stoles have the largest dimensions. This accessory can almost be considered as a piece of clothing and can easily replace a coat or blouse.


All of the pieces in our wool collection are entirely designed and produced at our workshop in Lyon, France, on our own Jacquard looms. The level of perfection and care given to making our Merino wool scarves are the fruits of savoir-faire passed on from generation to generation in our family.


Caring for wool: We advise washing our wool products by hand using a detergent specifically intended for wool. Wool scarves should be laid flat to dry, without twisting the scarf. Iron on medium-low heat with generous use of the vapor function to protect the natural properties of wool. While putting our wool scarves in the dryer is out of the question, you may take them to the dry cleaner’s.

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