Composition: 40% cotton, 35% Merino wool, 25% rayon

Dimensions: 21.65 inches x 72.83 inches (55x185cm)

Color scheme: GOLDEN and TERRACOTTA hues on a DARK BROWN background

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Made in France - Lyon
A delicate scarf made of a subtle blend of Merino wool with cotton and rayon, giving the scarf an exceptional feel to the touch. Large stylized flowers are drawn on a red background. The pattern’s color scheme is realized in a gradient and is split in half. The first half is a combination of golden and vanilla hues, while the second is a mixture of terracotta with copper and gray. Small black fringes of about 1cm finish off the bases. This light, delicate, small stole can be worn in mid-season or in winter. You will really appreciate its size, which is perfect for everyday wear, as well as its high quality which gives you comfort and added softness for cold days. This is truly an original design that will enhance your look. This stole is 100% made in Lyon, France.

This scarf’s pattern consists of a playful take on overlapping stylized flowers. The flowers intertwine using a very creative gradient effect realized in shades of terracotta and golden. This palette of monochrome colors on a dark brown background perfectly accents the contours of this rich and creative pattern. Another magnificent achievement by our stylist.


The mix of wool, cotton and rayon adds to this stole’s lightness and makes it suitable for the cool temperatures of autumn, spring, and more temperate winters. In addition, its size allows it to be worn either over a classic chic coat or over more casual jackets or blouses. It can be paired with all browns and yellows but also navy, black, or leather. Its original design is very trendy and gives a chic, elegant, trendy style to your outfits.


To maintain your scarf made of a blend of cotton, wool, and rayon, we recommend washing by hand with a detergent made for delicate fabrics. Do not let it soak for too long and do not wring it out, rather let it dry flat after putting it in a cotton towel for a few moments to soak up excess water. Iron on low temperature with steam to restore the fluffiness to the natural fibers. While you cannot put it in the dryer, you may take it in for dry cleaning.


The shaped weaving technique used to make this scarf, known as the Jacquard method, consists of the interlacing of silk warp threads and Merino wool weft threads following a specific pattern. To do this, the Fabrique d’Écharpe’s weaving workshop has its own Jacquard looms. The Jacquard loom is a weaving loom that was developed by the Lyon native Joseph Marie Jacquard in 1801, the first programmable mechanical system with punched cards to produce patterns by interweaving colored threads. Thanks to the savoir-faire passed down from generation to generation in our family since 1880, we now have electronic Jacquard looms with digital controls that guarantee you perfect quality for our fabrics while still respecting the most authentic Lyon traditions.

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Eco Packaging
We use sustainable packaging products that are composable, recycled and/or reusable

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