Natural materials and non-toxic dyes





Silk is a natural fiber of animal origin, produced by the mulberry caterpillar (bombyx in Latin), also known as the silk worm. Discovered by a Chinese princess between 3000 and 2000 BC, today silk is renowned as one of the most elegant materials in existence. With its natural brilliance, its exceptional softness, and its light-weight nature, silk is truly of unparalleled quality.


For our scarves, French Scarf uses a wonderful silk that is spun according to traditional methods in Italy. We carefully chose this particular silk for its shimmer and incredibly silky feel, and it can be worn in both winter and summer thanks to its natural temperature-regulating qualities. Here are its care information and certifications:

Oeko-Tex: A non-toxic dye, neither for the environment nor for you.

Care instructions: Silk can be washed by hand in cold water with a silk-specific detergent and a large quantity of water. However, if you are unsure, it is always better to take your scarf in for dry cleaning.




Merino wool

Merino wool is a natural fiber that comes from the long, fine hairs of the merino breed of sheep. This particular breed originates in North Africa, and is renowned for its dense, even fleece which creates clothing of exceptional quality. The fabric it produces is gentle and soft, and is of incomparable comfort, since it does not itch or irritate the skin as does ordinary wool.


French Scarf thus uses this amazing merino wool for its scarves. Being very soft and warm, it is perfect for those first winter chills. We also chose to work with this wool because, apart from its exceptional qualities, it possesses multiple certifications:

Oeko-tex: Certified non-toxic dye, neither for the environment, nor for you.

Mulesing free: Certified to be animal-cruelty free

Woolmark: Pure virgin wool

Care instructions: Our merino wool can be washed by hand in cold water (never put it in hot water or otherwise change the temperature rapidly). However, be careful to protect it from both moths and bleach. Ironing it improperly can permanently ruin the scarf. Do not iron it on a high setting, and without pushing down. To be even more on the safe side, you can put another piece of cloth, like a sheet or pillow case, in between your scarf and the iron. You can steam iron your scarf, the steam will help the merino wool to recover its body and softness. If you have any doubts, however, it is better to take the scarf in for dry cleaning.


Egyptian cotton

Egyptian cotton is a material of plant origin, which comes from the silky down that surrounds the cotton plant seed. The Egyptians have been familiar with cotton for millennia, and thus their skill in producing cotton is unparalleled. As a fiber, cotton possesses numerous advantages: durability, softness, thinness, and is very easy to care for.


French Scarf actually uses cotton from Egypt, the very cradle of its cultivation. The particular Egyptian cotton that Nicolas chose is fine, well-colored, and its softness is comparable to merino wool. Like all other materials used in French Scarf’s scarves, it comes with the following certification:

Oeko-tex: A dye certified to be non-toxic, neither for the environment nor for you.






Cashmere is one of the most prestigious and sought-after materials that exists. It comes from a the soft down wool from a particular variety of goat from a region that was originally called Kashmir by the British (but actually extends from the Himalayas through Mongolia). Even more fine than merino wool, cashmere is the softest material in the world, being light, silky, bright, fluffy, and warm. Since one goat will produce only about 200 grams of cashmere wool per year, this material is particularly rare and expensive.


French Scarf has the privilege of working with this extraordinary material. Sourced from a small artisanal farm, the cashmere we use is of particularly high quality and is certified with a number of distinctions and quality assurances.


Care instructions: Cashmere should only be dry cleaned, so as to preserve all of its special properties.





Linen is a natural plant fiber. A plant with blue flowers, it grows to about 1 meter high. Linen as a long history as a fiber used in textile making, with the first evidence of linen textiles dating back to 10,000 BC on the plateaus of central Asia. Especially suited for warm summer temperatures, linen scarves are very light-weight and cool.


French Scarf uses a very fine linen for its summer collections. Chosen for its softness and its slightly flamed appearance, the linen we use is certified:

Oeko-tex: Made with non-toxic dyes, neither for the environment nor for you.







Modal is a textile fibre produced by spinning together wood cellulose (often beech wood). Modal has the special property of being very soft and gentle to the touch, and to remain so even after multiple washings.


The modal that French Scarf chooses is very fine and light, its softness is comparable to that of silk. It is one of the most comfortable materials to wear. This fabric is perfect for both winter and summer, you can wear it all year long. When blended with merino wool, the scarf will be soft and warm, while when blended with cotton and silk it will be cool and smooth. Like all the materials we use in our workshops, our modal has the certification of:

Oeko-tex: Made with non-toxic dyes, neither for the environment nor for you.






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