Checked by hand

La Fabrique d'Echarpe's goal is to weave the best quality scarves possible. To reach this perfection, we check every scarf by hand : hems, fringes, weaving, colors. Every point is carefully inspected to guarantee you a scarf that meets your expectations.


Be aware, however, that behind each of our scarves, there are men and women who work with passion and rigor to offer you the best of French weaving. Nevertheless, despite our efforts, our scarves can, very occasionaly, exhibit small marks due to our artisanal process.  Here is a brief list of irregularities that you may encounter :


Unevenness in weaving : the threads used for our scarves are made from natural fibers, that's why they can contain irregularities, especially silk and linen.


A thread is broken in my scarf: you just have to make a knot between two ends of the thread.


A thread gets out from the hem : this thread has passed through our meticulous quality control, you just have to cut it at the bottom of the hem, this will not damage your scarf.

A thread slides on the fringes : you can remove it delicately, for the finishing of our scarves we weave dozens of very tight threads, if some come loose, it does not affect the scarf in any way.


I pulled a thread on my scarf : with use it can happen that you hang your scarf and that it draws a thread.  Don't worry, just stretch your scarf with small impulses to give it back its original shape and so the wire will get back in place. If a fine thread is slightly pass, you can cut it. However, do not cut if the thread is thick. Otherwise, you risk to make a hole in your scarf. You'll nedd to strecth again your scarf to get back its original form.


I crumpled my scarf: you can iron it gently by putting a cloth between your iron and your scarf.


If your are in doubt and if you aren't sure what to do, don't hesitate to contact us : send us an email with a photo of the problem you have encountered. We will answer you as soon as possible.

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